King Charles I, Model C23 by Impasse Royal


  • The color is "Granite"
  • Fully adjustable ½" thick glass shelf tested to hold 200 lbs.
  • Stainless steel escutcheon with chrome 3-spoke wheel and keypad
  • Your choice of a top rated NP Locks Rotobolt™ Type 1 electronic lock with lighted keypad - or a Big Red™ 2M (manipulation proof) mechanical lock with key-locking Spy-Guard dial


  • 6.10" thick door
  • 3.00" thick body walls provide protection equal to at least one full inch of solid steel
  • The walls and door encase a high density concrete material
  • 6 fat 1.57" diameter chromium bolts, 1 top, 1 bottom + 2 on each side
  • Added .25" thick manganese steel plates protect the lock and bolts from drill and punch attacks that lesser safes succumb to
  • The door incorporates burglar-foiling shattered glass and mechanical re-locking devices
  • Anchor bolt holes in the bottom for securing the safe to the floor. Bolts included.
  • Steel is expensive and heavy, but more steel always means more security
  • The body of our C23 is just as strong as the body of a U.L. rated TL-30
  • Item #: C23

King Charles I, Model C23 by Impasse Royal

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